Take the attitude of a student, never be too big to ask questions, never know too much to learn something new.

– Og Mandino

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Here are some commonly asked questions. If you have an uncommon question, don’t be shy, e-mail it to us! We’ll get back to you with an answer as soon a possible.


Q: What should I wear? A: Wear clothes that are comfortable to work out in — not baggy but not too tight. T-shirts and sweats or shorts are fine. Layering especially in cool weather is a good idea since you can shed layers as you warm up.
Q: What do I need to bring with me? A: You are not required to bring anything with you (we have mats, blankets, blocks and straps in the studio). We recommend you bring a towel and water bottle. If you have yoga props that you like to use, feel free to bring them with you.
Q: Can I do yoga if I have health issues (bad back, bad knees, overweight, etc.) or at my age? A: Yoga is excellent exercise for people with all sorts of health issues. If a given pose is causing you problems, ask your instructor for ways to modify the position. Also please notify the instructor before class if you are pregnant. If you have serious concerns, you should consult your physician before beginning yoga practice. Yoga can be done at any age, there are no age restrictions.
Q: Will this help with my health issues? A: Yoga yields many health benefits and can work towards improving many conditions, including arthritis, bad digestion, insomnia, asthma, fatigue, back problems, knee problems, etc.
Q: What if I have religious concerns about yoga? A: Yoga is not a religion and is non-sectarian and compatible with any religious practices.
Q: Do I have to be a vegetarian? A: No. Many yoga practitioners are vegetarian, but today most of them are not. We do recommend a healthy diet low in fat and high in fiber, and vegetarianism is certainly one way to work toward that. But the specifics of what you eat are entirely up to you.
Q: How often should I practice yoga? A: Start off 2 or 3 time a week and take it from there. Try doing at least five or ten minutes every day and you may easily find yourself practicing every day.
Q: I am a smoker, can I still practice yoga? A: Of course you can – but if you can cut down it will help your body immensely. Because you are a smoker means you should be performing far more exercise than the average person because you need to expel toxins that you smoke. Over the course of time, you will through exercising, cut down and hopefully kill that habit.
Q: Is there any particular food I should consume before my yoga practice? A: It is advisable not to eat heavily before a class because you may experience nausea. Try to avoid eating and drinking at least 1-2 hours before practice (that way your energy can be used to work with you rather than wasted on digestion). Be selective in what you eat. Use common sense and try eating healthier choices such as more fruits and vegetables.
Q: Can I lose weight through the practice of yoga? A: Yes you definitely can. The asanas are cleverly designed to target the melting of fat in the areas that you find need to be toned, or where fat needs to be reduced.
Q: Can yoga cure and prevent disease? A: Evidence suggests a strong link between practicing yoga and the prevention of illness. It is known to help relieve pain and improve the quality of life of those that suffer from conditions that include osteoarthritis, rheumatism, back pain, asthma, panic attacks and depression. But yoga also helps to pep up and tone up your body even more. So you don’t have to be ill to practice yoga.
Q: What benefits are there if I practice yoga on a regular basis? A: There are many benefits. Persons suffering from debilitating and crippling disease have benefited from the practice of yoga. Other benefits include:

  • strengthens the nervous system
  • increases one’s energy, vitality and stamina
  • improves circulation of blood and other fluids through the body
  • rebuilds immune system
  • helps to overcome insomnia, addictions and depression
  • adjusts body weight naturally
  • develops creative awareness